Manufacturing Execution System, or MES, completes our range of activities in automated production. The MES layer enables automated production management as well as the upstream and downstream traceability of industrial (sub)products.  

MES Operations

We implement partial or complete MES solutions depending on the customer context. The Work Orders management can be done with ERP-like software exchanges up to PLCs.

MES Performance

Our analysis and performance management solutions for production lines can effectively increase production yields. From the analysis of the machines shutdowns causes to the implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Our MES solutions, based on the integration of standard features of Wondeware products, are open, scalable and accessible.

They are

  • usable via WEB interfaces for handling production data
  • viewable in real time via the use of reports
  • Adaptable and extensible via the Wonderware ArchestrA development environment

Our solutions consist of a user interface (front-end) reflecting the specifications defined by the project tender for the visual aspect and a robust and reliable client / server back-end to execute the feature logic.