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Automation of a complete factory

In 2019, SINECA was selected to automate a new (greenfield) food processing factory. The project took place over more than a year and includes more than 20 interconnected manufacturing processes, not to mention the Utilities processes: wastewater treatment plant, cooling, boiler room, hot water, HVAC, fridge management, etc.

The technologies are Siemens PLCs (S7-1518F, S7-1517F, S7-1515) and AVEVA Wonderware SCADA supervision system. SINECA also actively participated in the MES part (traceability) of the products.


Power BI production reports

SINECA carried out the development of production reports for several factories. For these achievements, the technology selected by the client is Power BI.

Thanks to the experience in various technologies for integrating production reports (SSRS, Dream Report, Tableau, etc.), SINECA has developed a connector between Power BI and Historian server from AVEVA Wonderware in order to allow the retrieval of historical data.

Automation of a drying tower

Based on a functional analysis carried out by a supplier of a common customer, SINECA developed the Siemens PLC and the Wonderware supervision.

The tower, culminating at 45 meters high, has a nominal production capacity of 6 tonnes of milk powder per hour.


MES integration and maintenance

SINECA participates in the integration and maintenance of processes in the textile industry. The MES solution from Wonderware technology allows real-time monitoring of line performance at different production sites.

Dairy process automation

With its expertise and experience in Belgium in the programming of milk treatment processes, SINECA is called upon for the programming of new processes internationally, in France, Sweden and Russia.



SINECA regularly develops pasteurization processes in dairy environments (milk / cream) and also for breweries.

Mining Process Automation

SINECA is regularly called upon to program PLCs and supervision of process extensions for the treatment of various materials extracted from mines and quarries.

SINECA completes its achievements with functional and material audits, as well as the installation of energy meter systems.


Data acquisition and processing

SINECA has extensive experience in understanding systems of various interconnected or interconnectable technologies. Thus, SINECA regularly participates in the realization of projects where data acquisition is one of the centerpieces of the project.

The data is made available to platforms that can perform data logging and processing, but also the application of predictive models based on artificial intelligence concepts.

SINECA also performs the sizing and selection of equipment connecting to production systems



SINECA programs, tests and implements robotic processes using 6-axis robots (or more). In addition to these integrations, SINECA designs the conveying systems and the interconnection with existing systems.

Our team designs and implements the manufacture of tools suitable for robots and dedicated industrial applications.

SINECA participates in the development of PoC projects up to large-scale industrial deployment.


Development of a cogeneration unit

SINECA programs the PLC and the HMI supervision of a cogeneration process based on a gas-powered engine. The system is interconnected with the plant’s boilers management process.



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