The Internet of Things, or IoT, connects decentralized devices to a digital management platform. This activity automates interactions between heterogeneous systems.

Industrial IoT : Industry 4.0

The standardization of the connection and communication means, under various forms, allows the implementation of production management systems that were previously inaccessible or very expensive to implement.

The combination of different technologies, which we master, allows us to offer IoT solutions tailored to the varied needs of our customers.

Our IoT solutions offer an open and fast way to interconnect the decentralized production assets of our customers and to gather fields data.

Setting up dashboards and execution rules for production management sequences is a perfect example.

Data processing: predictive models

By massively acquiring production data, we integrate solutions containing different predictive models.

These solutions can be used to increase the machines or processes production yields, even if their intrinsic functioning is not always fully controlled. These solutions also optimize equipment maintenance operations.

The compiled predictive model is executed with real-time data (input parameters), key setpoint adjustments (output parameters) are proposed to keep the control / command system in its desired operation range.